Short Film Showcase List Available, Participants Invited to Submit Film Suggestions

Viewers of our Short Film Showcase series often ask for links to videos they especially enjoyed. Others may want to revisit whole Showcase sessions – since each one was carefully curated by series founder Stephanie Brasher or Starkey, who now works with her. To that end, Stephanie has supplied a list of Showcase video titles shown below. Out of the bezillions of videos currently on YouTube, you can usually find a specific video if you enter its exact name in YouTube “search.”

SFS Began April 1, 2019

The Short Film Showcase concept was an immediate success when it was first offered in the Video Lab on April 1, 2019, complete with free popcorn and thoughtful discussions after each video led by Dr. Tom Nash. It replaced the “Project Day” series of meetings, when members shared recent and in-progress video projects for critique and discussion. Soon SFS was made a quarterly event (skipping summer, per club policy).

The last Showcase to be held in the Video Lab before the COVID pandemic was SFS #4 on February 3, 2020.  As the Video Club adapted to life under COVID, the SFS series resumed via Zoom on June 1, 2020. President Steve Carman, who hosts the series, switched to monthly Zoom Showcases  on July 13, 2020. Quarterly, in-person meetings were resumed on Monday, September 13, 2021.

Suggest A Video for SFS

Stephanie and Starkey invite interested attendees to submit the names and sources of favorite videos for SFS consideration. Videos must be under 20 minutes — and shorter is good. Send your suggestions to Stephanie at

Short Film Showcase # 1

1. Joy Story
2. Run With Me
3. Bunny New Girl
4. Miss Devine
5. Life Circle
7. Alternative Math
8. Power of Teamwork

Short Film Showcase #2
1. Happiness
2. Mothering a Duck
3. Hello Again
4. A Visual Diary (Ted Talk)
5. The Expert
6. The Love Season
7. A Place Like This
8. Take Me Home
9. Lie Detector
10. Ant

Short Film Showcase #3
1. Snack Attack
2. Adman
3. Richard Twice
4. Purl
5. Post-It
7. Digits
8. The Present

Short Film Showcase #4
1. Coin Operated
2. Passing
3. Eyes on the Stars
4. A Marriage to Remember
5. Cul-de-Sac
6. 1800 Words
7. The Last Reel
8. The Answers
9. Heavenly Appeals

Short Film Showcase #5
1. Mobile World
2. Home is Where the Nest Is
3. Death in Bloom
4. Old Coots Giving Advice
5. Lost and Found
6. On Second Thought
7. Kryptos

Short Film Showcase #6
1. Wings
2. In Passing
3. My Grandfathers Memory Book
4. A New View of the Moon
5. Fault
6. Lifted

Short Film Showcase #7
1. I Miss You
2. Changing Batteries
3. The Call
4. Slice of Life
5. A Brief History of John Baldessari
6. Mr. Indifferent

Short Film Showcase #8
1. Car Park
2. All the Love
3. I Am Dog
4. The Great Realization
5. After the Rain

Short Film Showcase #9
1. Bird Box Shorts
2. Re-gifted
3. I’ll Never Forget that Cup of Coffee
4. At Ease
5. Quack Squad
6. 23111 Years Before Love

Short Film Showcase #10
1. Big Momma
2. Abandoned
3. What a Zoom Call with Old People is Like
4. The House of Small Cubes
5. Looking for My Grandma’s Bird
6. Silent Love
7. Pub Dog

Short Film Showcase #11
1. Helping
2. The Tiny Island in New York That No One Is Allowed to Visit
3. Backseat
4. The Acquired Savant
5. Second to None

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