New Equipment Coming to Video Club, Thanks to GRF

Some changes will be noticeable in the Video Lab when it re-opens (pandemic allowing) later this year. President Steve Carman reports that the Golden Rain Foundation Board, which manages all shared recreational facilities in Laguna Woods Village, has once again granted us funds to augment our Lab and Studio equipment. As submitted December 23, the equipment request totaled $6,384.95.

BTW – By way of thanking GRF, in 2020 the Video Club christened the awards given in our Annual Short Video Contest with the name “Goldies,” honoring the Golden Rain Foundation – and ourselves as “golden oldies.”

Video Lab Improvements

Added to the Mac computer section of the Video Lab will be a $1,999 iMac computer, with 3.3Ghz 6-core processor, 512-GB storage, and Retina 5K display – a significant upgrade to our Apple equipment. (Last year new iPads were added.) Other Lab upgrades will be a $450 ceiling-mounted video projector and seven 2’x5′ Regency Key narrow training tables to replace our old and worn 3’6′ folding tables. The new tables will facilitate a classroom-style arrangement with all participants facing the front of the room or can be arranged with pairs of tables together for group seating.

Video Studio Improvements

In the Video Studio, the grant will provide a $399 Saramonic UwMic9 two-person camera-mount wireless mic system and a $199 Glide Gear TMP 100 Teleprompter, as well as new lighting equipment and new fastener straps and saddlebags to help secure equipment.

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