2nd Shoot of Woods Combo June 27, 2018

Greetings Fellow Video Oners,
Please find below Fred Harshbargers’ request for help in his ongoing project with our own Woods Combo (drummer is video oner Bill Hemberger.)
If you can Turn up, Tune In, Turn On for this project you will not only learn about shooting live but also enjoy an evening of fine music.
Fred has included all his contact info and would appreciate all the help he can get.
So all you hep cats and daddy-ohs be there or be square!

John Kelly, External Video Coordinator

The Woods Combo Dance Promotion Video – 2nd Try
We will film the band live during an actual dance with multiple cameras (see link below for sample)
 A. up to 4 camera people (who will, for the most part, be creating their own shots from general guidance)
B. 1 person to help set up and mic each of the band instruments – then monitor sound and help where needed elsewhere.
 C. 1 person to shoot production stills (function could be combined with the above audio person)
PRODUCER (name, email, phone)
 Fred Harshbarger
 714-979-4786  (land line, best except for night of shoot)
 714-679-5155 (cell – used only on day of shoot)
The Woods Combo
The shoot will take place in Clubhouse 1 on Wednesday June 27
As many people as possible should arrive at 5 pm to help unload and set up. Band starts playing at 7 pm. At the end of their first set, 8 pm, we start breaking down so we can be out of there by 9:30.
The link below shows a video I took in March of the event to give you an idea of the environment and what we are after. In this shoot we will spend more resources on detailed shots of the attendees – to show they are enjoying the event in order to entice more people (dancers or people who just like to listen) to attend. I intend to supply most of the equipment. I will edit and present the result to the club. The end product will be uploaded onto YouTube (and possibly Vimeo). Hopefully it can be used in other ways by the Village to promote the band and the dance.

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