Awards Banquet Video


Awards Banquet Video


I am doing the editing on the clubs Oscar night and will need a crew on Wednesday March 21 at 1PM in the studio. I will need camera, switcher, audio and lights. Would like a least two or three camera people. We are having two people act as hosts introducing the videos and then making some positive comments after. If possible I ask the winners to wear the same clothes or at least be dressed from the waist up with something similar, if anyone is interested feel free to contact me at (949) 859-7035 .
Thanks if anyone wants to help with the shoot on Wednesday March 21.  email me
Suzanne Savlov


Please contact Suzanne if you are interested in helping, this sounds like a fun project and will show what Video One can do. If done correctly it will air on VTV channel 6

PRODUCER (name, email, phone)

Suzanne Savlov

(949) 859 7035


Video Club


As listed above

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  1. In an earlier reply that somehow failed to get posted (I moderate these posts), Alexandra wrote: “I can do camera or whatever else you need.” I’ll be there (Lucy) to be interviewed — and will be glad to help any other way I can.

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