Website Image 6 4To request a shoot by Video One Productions (the Video Club’s production team), contact John Kelly (left), External Video Coordinator,, 949-759-9468. 

As the club’s External Video Coordinator, John accepts and evaluates outside requests to have a video made about an event, individual, or group. Whenever possible, he will set up production plans for videos that meet our criteria, explained below.

Requested videos should be:

  • “Do-able” with our resources and with appropriate lead time
  • Village-related (for or about a Village resident or group)
  • Of interest to Video One members (such as offering a learning opportunity or providing a community service)


If you want John Kelly to list your shoot so you can recruit crew members, please complete the information requested on the “TEMPLATE for Upcoming Shoots” and email it to him.

Shoots Are Listed Below


2nd Shoot of Woods Combo, June 27, 2018, Fred Harshbarger, Producer

Woods Combo Dance Promotion Video Shoot, April 25, 2018, Fred Harshbarger, Producer

Senior Scams PSAs Shoot, April 11, 2018, Bill Hemberger, Producer

Village Games Baseball Shoot, April 9, 2018, Jim Rohrs, Producer

Awards Banquet Video Shoot, March 21, 2018, Suzanne Savlov, Producer

Memorial Service for Patricia Powell Shoot, February 28, 2018, John Kelly, Producer

Penni Rubin and Understanding Art Shoot, February 10, 2018, Betsy Martin, Producer

Rock of Ages Band Shoot, January, 27, 2018, Jim Rohrs, Producer

Sample Template for Upcoming Shoots

Sample Shoot Template

VIDEO ONE PRODUCTIONS Video Club of Laguna Woods To Video One Productions Members: If you want John Kelly to list your shoot so you can recruit crew members, complete the information requested below and email it to: JOHN KELLY External Video Coordinator 949-759-9468   PROJECT NAME DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT HELP NEEDED PRODUCER (your name, email, phone)… Continue Reading →