Welcome to the Video Club of Laguna Woods . . .

. . . founded in 1989 and devoted to creating and preserving  memories through video.

We are based in Laguna Woods Village, one of California’s largest senior retirement communities. Our membership is open to both residents and non-residents. Our facilities are located inside Gate 12 between Clubhouse 2 and the Pool.

The Video Lab is open Tuesday-Friday, 1-4 pm. The Video Studio is open by appointment.

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  • Learn more about us on our YouTube channel.
  • Preserve your memories FOR FREE in the Video Club Capture Center.

Scroll down to see us on front pages of the Globe,
a weekly newspaper
published for Laguna Woods Village by the Orange County Register

On the front page of the Globe AGAIN, February 25, 2021

On the front page of the Globe AGAIN, December 19, 2019!

Globe 1st pg Welcome to My Home 12-19-19

On the front page of the Globe AGAIN, March 14, 2019!

Centenarian Project in Globe 3-14-19

On the front page of the Globe, January 10, 2019!

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