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Video One Productions Has Many Projects Underway

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Video One Productions holds business plus training/production meetings on the first and third Fridays from 1-3 pm in the Video Studio. 

For information about joining Video One Productions, contact Co-Facilitators Phil Doran,, 949-421-9788, or Dr. Jeanne Mayer,, 949-587-9661.

Those interested in joining Video One Productions are encouraged to take the Video Club classes offered annually in “Basic Video Production” and “Multi-Camera Video Production.”

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Alexandra-johnJohn Kelly, External Video Coordinator, accepts and evaluates outside video requests, setting up production plans for videos that fit our basic criteria. To request a shoot, contact John at, 949-759-9468.

John Kelly is shown above with his wife, Alexandra Scott-Kelly,  who is also active in Video One Productions.

Basic criteria for accepting an outside video request are that the video be:

  • “Do-able” with Video Club resources.
  • Village-related (for or about a Village resident or group).
  • Of interest to Video One Productions volunteers (providing a community service or offering a learning opportunity).

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Some recent Video One Productions projects include:

  • Half-hour video on Village band, The Woods Combo.
  • 30-second spots on Senior Scams. (Bill Hemberger, producer)
  • 20180216_131440-editedVideo on art lecturer and Village resident Penni Rubin. (Betsy Martin, producer)
    Betsy (center) is shown at left during the shoot.
  • Video on Village-based band, Rock of Ages. (Jim Rohrs, producer)
  • Combining the 10 four-minute contest entry videos shown on February 24, 2018, at the 8th Annual “Academy” Awards Banquet with banquet stills, video, and voice-overs about the event to create an hour-long program for Village Television — now available for viewing on YouTube. (Suzanne Savlov, producer)
  • 30-second video on Village Softball Club. (Jim Rohrs, producer)
  • Video of Memorial event for the late Patricia Powell, president of the College Club. (Starkey, producer)
  • 20180119_144331-smInformational video about the Village’s three clubs for writers: the Writers Club, the Publishing Club, and the Spoken Word club. (Charlie Redner, producer)
    Above, Charlie Redner, Spoken Word Club President, is shown at center with Peggy Edwards, President of the Publishing Club, and Richard Snyder, President of the Writers Club, being interviewed by VidOne member Bonnie Beaux Fullerton. This video is still in development.
  • 2017 and 2018 Aquadettes performances. (Charlie Redner, producer; editing by Valerie Link, Video Club member and artistic director of the Aquadettes)
  • Garden Center II video. (John Kelly, producer)
  • Woods Combo music videos. (Tom Nash producer; Fred Harshbarger, producer)
  • Celebration of the Life of Denny Welch. (Lucy Parker and Betsy Martin, producers; 2 videos completed; one is online at
  • Bridge Club, noted speaker.
  • Resident-invented “Wish Bone” game.

In development is a video on the “Grandmother Trees” of the Village by June Davis, producer.

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Video One Training

Whenever possible during Video One Productions meetings, time is devoted to training.

In a December 15, 2017 mini-training session, as reported by Sheryl Martin in the meeting minutes, Dr. Tom Nash “…gave us some great tips … on making a 30-second commercial as follows: A.I.D.A….

A is for ATTENTION…need to grab viewer’s attention with something catchy, flashy, etc.

I is for INTEREST…need to capture the interest of viewer demonstrating why they need the event, product or service.

D is for DESIRE…appeal to senses and elicit the person’s desire for the event, product or service.

A is for ACTION…move people to some kind of action. It has to be clear, specific, and memorable.

“Mottos, tag lines, jingles are helpful, but name of product needs to be in the motto. A catchy commercial can often be memorable, but people may not remember the product.”

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