Click above to see more club-related videos, including a March 17, 2021 TV interview about the Video Club with President Steve Carman and Vice President Tom Nash — and one about making videos with your smartphone posted in 2018.

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NOTE: The Board of Directors position of “YouTube Administrator” is currently vacant. Please contact President Steve Carman at if you can help further this important part of our club’s communications program.


The Video Club maintains a YouTube channel containing about 200 videos, formerly managed by Chuck Hale, who organized the videos using four key words: awards, tutorials, projects, and people.  See photo below of Chuck explaining the channel at an April 13, 2017, Board Meeting.

  • vcoflw will get all our videos
  • vcoflw awards will get 12 videos of our awards banquets
  • vcoflw tutorials will get 47 tutorials
  • vcoflw projects will get 49 projects
  • vcoflw people will get 91 videos attached to member names

(Numbers above were current as of April, 2017.)

In addition to managing the YouTube channel, Chuck’s other services to the Video Club include teaching a popular course in how to use YouTube (with his own video tutorials), helping manage Video Lab computers, teaching PC photo and file management, and providing individual coaching in Pinnacle video editing. For info about the club’s YouTube channel or to submit a video for uploading, please contact Chuck at, 949-770-4589.

NOTE: Chuck has placed a large supply of copyright-free music from the YouTube Audio Library on all Lab computers. Help yourself — or visit the source.

Steve and Tom Interviewed on “This Day” March 17, 2021

Check out the 12-minute interview below with Lisa Hart on Laguna Woods Village Television’s “This Day” news show, which ran on Wednesday, March 17, 2021. President Steve Carman and Vice President Tom Nash bring viewers up to date on the Video Club’s many activities during the COVID pandemic.


Scott Marvel mugshot 2013 banquet_edited-1THE THRIVE SHOW

Scott Marvel, a Village resident, professional videographer, and Video Club Past-President, has produced dozens of half-hour “Thrive Shows” for Village Television. The ongoing series is created as part of a Village-wide Thrive Task Force effort to show how residents thrive in our community. You can view the full lineup of these inspiring shows on YouTube.


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The Woods Combo

Led by Fred Harshbarger as producer, director, and editor, in October, 2018, the club’s Video One Productions team completed this 28:29-minute video of The Woods Combo, a popular Laguna Woods Village Jazz group. The video was the result of shooting at several summer performances at Clubhouse One. Woods Combo members are Mark Hochberg, keyboard; Dutch Fisser, bass; Bill Hemberger (a Video One Productions member), drums; and Moqui Lund, vocals. Mark, Dutch, and Bill are Village residents.

Smartphone Video-Making

The video above was a class-assignment for the Video Club class described below. It was shot and edited on a Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone using a free version of the Android app Kinemaster. More photos from the class may be seen in the gallery below. Scott will repeat the class starting June 1, 2018, re-titled as “Making Amazing Videos with Your Smartphone.” Click here for class schedule.

NEW CLASS: “Making Travel Videos That People LOVE”
4 sessions. Instructor SCOTT MARVEL says: “I want to help everyone in the Village who has a smartphone (or any camera that shoots video) learn how to tell the story in the camera. That’s the goal of this class. I’m going to give you the mindset to help you get good at making videos that are not boring. You’ll a make your own video in class. We’ll be focusing on travel, but the same guidelines apply elsewhere. Every shot has to count. When you’re done shooting, I’ll teach you how to edit on your smartphone. Bring your clips into the editing program. Review them and make a rough-cut of your movie. Then re-arrange your clips for maximum impact and eliminate unwanted footage. Finally, add titles, music, and narration. Quickly create and share a short, interesting travel video that people will LOVE TO WATCH!” Open to any resident who has an Apple or Android smartphone or other camera that shoots video. Editing emphasis will be on editing with your smartphone. Scott Marvel – Fridays, January 5, 12, 19, 26; 9:30 am-noon;
Video Lab and Studio

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Celebration of the Life of Denny Welch —  Producers Lucy Parker and Betsy Martin created two videos from this event.

Denny Welch

 The first video is a record of the November 4, 2017, service celebrating the life of longtime Village community leader Denise “Denny” Welch, who died October 3, 2017. For info about obtaining a copy of this 45-minute video, contact Lucy Parker,, 949-456-4657. The second video is a compilation of  memories shared by friends and family attending the service.  This 30-minute video, “Remembering Denny Welch,” was aired during December, 2017, on Village Television and  may be viewed online at .

Stephanie Brasher 11-16-smVIDEOS TO PROMOTE CLASSES

Video Club Secretary Stephanie Brasher (left), a Mac Club Supervisor, supported the new Video Club-Mac Club iMovie class with a promo video on her personal YouTube channel, Second Chance Productions.

Click here to view another short video made by Stephanie to promote her Apple “Clips” video editing class. Stills from the video (below) demonstrate some of Clip’s features.


NOTE: Stephanie and Betsy Martin, who took the “Clips” class, discussed the innovative new app with Ken Goldenberg on Village Television’s “This Day” show, Monday, November 6, 2017. Watch their interview on Village Television’s YouTube channel.

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