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Video One 2017 Holiday Party

Video One members enjoyed a Holiday Pot-Luck Party in the Video Studio on Friday, December 15, 2017, prior to their regular business meeting, training session, and video shoot. We got a little carried away (below) when we discovered how to make galleries (collections of photos) in WordPress and posted the same four photos in six different gallery formats. Just for fun.

To open a gallery, click on any photo. To close it, click “X” in upper right corner.

Tiled Mosaic Gallery

Slideshow Gallery

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Squared Tiles (4 columns) Gallery

Tiled Columns Gallery

Circles Gallery

Individual Images Gallery

Above, from left, Marge Kinney, Suzanne Savlov, June Davis, Tom Nash. Photo by Lucy Parker.
Above, from left, Jill Amadio, Alexandra Scott-Kelly, John Kelly, Marge Kinney, June Davis, Suzanne Savlov, Tom Nash. Photo by Lucy Parker.
Above, from left, Sheryl Martin, Gloria D’Simone-Shute, John Kelly, Alexandra Scott-Kelly, Barbel Dagostino, Lucy Parker, Tom Nash, Jill Amadio, Marge Kinney. Photo by Jim Rohrs.
Above, from left, Lisa Aoki, Betsy Martin, June Davis, Charlies Redner, Angelo Allen (in front). Photo by Jim Rohrs.

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