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“Making and preserving memories since 1989”

The Video Club of Laguna Woods, with about 200 members (temporarily lower in post-pandemic 2022), is a registered club founded in 1989 in the Laguna Woods Village retirement community (Laguna Woods, CA). We occupy two large rooms, the Video Lab and the Video Studio, inside Gate 12 between Clubhouse 2 and the Pool 2. Gate 12 is on the east side of Moulton Parkway, just north of El Toro Rd.

We welcome all skill levels and we have fun!


  • Visit our facilities for a tour during Video Lab open hours, Tuesday-Friday, 1-4 pm.
  • Call the Video Lab during open hours at 949-470-0965 
  • Sign up to receive our free email newsletter, the Videogram, at The monthly Videogram, plus Videogram ALERTS, keep you informed about our current activities with brief news highlights and links to the latest website updates.
  • Check our Video Club events calendar.
  • Visit our YouTube channel.

Video Shoots… Video Sharing and Critiques… Classes and Other Learning Opportunities… Saving Family Memories… Lectures and Panel Discussions… Films… Contests… Special Events and Projects

    We serve our members with the activities listed below. We serve our community by
    1. Helping residents convert old media, such as 35mm slides and VHS tapes, to modern digital formats (click to learn more).
    2. When possible, creating videos requested by groups and individuals (click to learn more).
    3. Lending consumer camcorders without charge (deposit required) to help residents make their own video recordings (click to learn more).
    If you want to learn to shoot and edit personal videos, we’ll help you with classes and coaching.
    If you’d like to participate in more advanced video production, join our Video One Productions team, meeting twice monthly in the Video Studio. Our work often appears on Village Television and YouTube.
    We hold monthly General Meetings offering programs about current video topics on third Thursday evenings (except in February, June, July, August, and December).
    We encourage members to create Forums (special interest groups), such as Video One Productions, described above. Past Forums have been devoted to such topics as video editing using specific software programs and video production using smartphones and tablets.
    We maintain a club YouTube channel, featuring work by and about us. We offer a YouTube class to teach members and residents how to share their videos online.
    Our annual Short Video Contest and Awards Banquet in February are popular highlights of our year.
    We hold special events, such as tours, service activities, and screenings.


Our Video Lab is equipped with PC and Mac computers and a large display TV, plus projector and screen, and is used for classes, coaching, video editing, monthly General Meetings, and other meetings and programs. It also houses the Marvin Green Memorial Capture Center and our Consumer Camcorder Loan equipment, as well as the Video Club Office.

Our Video Studio is equipped with prosumer camcorders and audio equipment, a professional video switcher, several computers, teleprompter, lights, and two sets (one for green screen). It’s used to shoot special video projects, as well as for training and meetings. It also contains our Control Room/Classroom completed in January, 2019.

You are cordially invited to join us for an upcoming event!

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