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Steve CarmanOfficers Return to Board for 2023

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Again this year, members  to return most of our present officers to the club’s Board of Directors for 2023. They are: Steve Carman (right), President; Dr. Tom Nash, Vice President; Joan Carman, Secretary; and Bob Kulpa, Treasurer. Many thanks to this capable and dedicated team!

2023 Board of Directors

   Program Director

Steve Carman
Vice President
mLearning Opportunities Director
mVideo Studio Manager
Tom Nash
Treasurer Bob Kulpa

Short Film Showcase Coordinators

Video Acceptance Committee (VAC) Liaison

Equipment Manager


Joan Carman

Stephanie Brasher
Bob and Diane Matonti

Betsy Martin

Jim Rohrs

Norma Benner

Membership Director Marsha Berman
Publicity Director Open
External Video Projects Coordinator John Kelly
Video One Productions Facilitator Fred Harshbarger
YouTube Administrator Ward Cushman

Video Studio Assistant Manager

Globe Liaison


Jack Crawbuck

Doug Sainsbury
Lucy Parker

The Video Lab is open Tuesday-Friday, 1-4 pm. The Video Studio is open by appointment.

The Video Lab and Studio are located inside Gate 12 between Clubhouse 2 and the Pool. For an appointment to use the Video Studio (no phone), please contact Studio Manager Tom Nash, tomnash36@gmail.com,.


Requesting Video Services

John Kelly, External Video Coordinator, accepts and evaluates outside video requests from individual Village residents and clubs, setting up production plans for videos that fit our basic criteria. To request a shoot, contact John at jaakelly@gmail.com, 949-280-2236

Video Lab Supervisors (updated 10/27/22)

Senior Supervisor  Wolfgang Kutter
Tuesdays  Bob Kulpa and Lilias (Lily) Green
Wednesdays Jim Rohrs 
Thursdays Lisa Aoki and Pat Bettendorf 
Fridays Wolfgang Kutter and Marsha Berman
Substitute Supervisors Bill Ring, Denish Patel, Faro Mojahedi, Herve Riaille, Starkey, and Lucy Parker

Video Club Contact Information

Video Lab Phone:                  949-470-0965, Tuesdays-Fridays, 1-4 pm

Email:                                      videocluboflagunawoods@gmail.com

President Steve Carman    steve.carman@mac.com, 424-254-6583

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