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Video Club Issues Call for Dramatic Scripts

Have an idea for a short dramatic video of 10 or 15 minutes? The Video Club has issued a call for scripts, so release your creative juices, start writing, and submit your script to the Video Club’s third Short Dramatic Film Script Contest. One script will be chosen to be produced by the Video Club... Continue Reading →

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Video Club Member Judy Saxon Will Be Missed

The Video Club extends its condolences to the family and friends of club member and Village resident Judy Saxon, who passed away at home on June 7 after several hospitalizations for a stroke she suffered on April 23. Judy collapsed in her manor while on Zoom, having just completed recording an episode of the “Write... Continue Reading →

2021 Summer Learning Opportunities Schedule Now Available

vc-learning-opportunities-schedule-summerDownload The Video Club has issued its first-ever Summer Learning Opportunities Schedule to “keep the ball rolling” as, hopefully, the COVID-19 shutdown winds down. Click the link above to view or download it. The Summer Schedule's most exciting feature is a series of 10 “hands-on” Video Production Classes to be taught by Dr. Tom Nash... Continue Reading →

Apple Forum, PC Corel VideoStudio Forum in May, 2021

To provide video editing guidance for users of Apple products and, on Windows computers, for users of Corel VideoStudio, the Video Club of Laguna Woods holds two free monthly Forums via Zoom. The Apple Forum meets on second Wednesdays at 1 pm. The PC Corel VideoStudio Forum meets on third Mondays at 10 am.

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