Project Day to Offer Varied Line-Up on October 8!

The Video Club’s next Project Day, Monday, October 8, from 1-3 pm in the Video Lab, will offer a varied line-up: from the equipment needed for a semi-professional video shoot – to videos about club president Steve Carman’s career as a rocket scientist – to guidelines for producing a 30-second TV spot! Held several times a year, Project Day is a member showcase open free to all members, residents, and their guests. 

Canon XA30 camcorder
“Camera, Lights, Sound, Action!”
says Project Day Coordinator Betsy Martin. “Come and see a demonstration of the Video Club’s specialized equipment to produce semi-professional videos. We will present several short videos by members who skillfully used that equipment.”


As Project Day’s second offering, Club President Steve Carman will present several Video Club-produced short videos that highlight Steve’s work as a rocket scientist. “Learn more about one of our talented members,” says Betsy, adding, “Yes, some things in the Video Lab ARE rocket science!”


public service announcementProject Day’s final presentation will be on producing public service announcements (PSAs). Says Betsy: “We’ll show you the process for producing a PSA that is exactly 30 seconds long for inclusion in an advertising slot on Village Television.”

For more information, or to be included as a presenter at a future Project Day, contact Project Day Coordinator Betsy Martin,, 707-540-1955.

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