Video Club Volunteers Honored

Club Leaders Feted at December 1 Volunteers Luncheon

You have to admit that Village Management Services and GRF do it right when it comes to thanking volunteers! A good time was had by all on December 1, when some 20 Video Club leaders joined 500 Villagers in the annual Volunteers Thank-You Luncheon, packing Clubhouse 5. The mood was festive, the decorations (above) were impressive, and Jolanda’s six service lines had everyone eating salmon and prime rib in record time. Just in time to watch videographer Scott Marvel repeat his speed-editing feat of recording brief interviews on his iPhone as guests arrived and playing an edited video to the crowd as they polished off their lemon meringue pie. A welcome new wrinkle were the $25 gift cards awarded to lucky guests who found stars on their place cards. It’s a much-appreciated Village tradition that no one wants to miss.

Above, enjoying the luncheon were, clockwise, Connie Shaw, Jeanne Mayer, Phil Doran, Jim Rohrs, Woflgang Kutter, Barbel Dagostino, Tom Nash, Marsha Berman  (photo by Lucy Parker). At right, front row, Lucy Parker, Roland Harrison, Norma Benner; back row, John and Evelyn Chang, Betsy Martin, Stephanie Brasher (photo by Barbel Dagostino).


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