Video Club Studio Control Room/Classroom to Start Construction Soon

President Steve Carman reports that the final adjustments to our new Video Studio Control Room/Classroom were negotiated in late November with the GRF Project Manager Rodger Richter and the card players who use the Card Room next to the Video Studio. The Card Room will be divided to create the new facility, leaving the front part of the room for card playing.

The final dimensions of the new Control Room/Classroom will be 20′ by 18.5′. The entrance will be located within the Studio near the west wall. Sound-proofing will be installed on the walls of the Control Room to minimize sound traveling through the Control Room walls. The video switcher will be re-located to the Control Room.

A new “light lock” will be built at the south entrance of the Video Studio, matching the location of the main entrance to the Video Lab and becoming become the main entrance to the Studio. The light lock will prevent light from getting into the Studio sets during an active recording.

The vendor is expected to begin construction by the end of December and take about two weeks to complete. The new furniture and other equipment needs are under review by Studio Acting Manager Tom Nash for a fund raising activity early in the new year.

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