Fund-Raising Campaign Nets New Desks, Chairs, Camcorder

Above, John Kelly, left, External Video Coordinator, and Vice President Tom Nash enjoy the new desks and office chairs in the Video Studio’s Control Room/Classroom. Below, Tom checks out the new camcorder.

The Video Club’s successful 30th Anniversary Fund-Raising Campaign has resulted in several furniture and equipment additions to the Video Studio, delivered in October — three desks (similar to those in the Video Lab) and four office chairs for the Control Room/Classroom, plus a Canon Vixia HF G21 Full HD camcorder for remote shoots (making it unnecessary to dismantle regular Studio camcorders for outside projects).

Tom Nash with new camcorder 10-27-19-ex-smAs the first Village club to work with the newly-established Village Community Fund, the Video Club raised $1,600 between the campaign’s launch at our February 16 Goldie Awards Banquet and its close on July 31. All donations were tax-deductible, thanks to the Village Community Fund.

The addition of this equipment climaxes a year of significant upgrading to the Video Studio, starting with creating a Control Room/Classroom from a portion of the Card Room adjoining the Studio, along with creating a new light-lock entry to the Studio. The remodeling was accomplished with approximately $20,000 in maintenance funds authorized by GRF.

The structural upgrades were unveiled on January 17, 2019, at our 30th Anniversary Open House, when the Video Club’s first short dramatic video, “Write It Down,” premiered. “Write It Down” showcases the work of Video One Productions — a direct outgrowth of our growing Studio capabilities. The club’s video production team now has over 30 participants.

During the spring and summer, both the Studio’s regular set and as its green-screen set were upgraded with new paint and creation of curved corners, using club funds and lots of volunteer labor. The green screen set was also enlarged, and special new lighting was added. Volunteer labor also went into several summer work days devoted to clean-up and organization.

The club’s original plan to buy stacking chairs for Studio meetings, classes, and audiences during shoots was set aside when the club was offered stacking chairs from Clubhouse 6, whose chairs are to be replaced — soon, we hope! That change allowed us to buy the needed camcorder.

The Video Club offers a sincere “THANK YOU!” to all who contributed to the fund.


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