Next Short Film Showcase to be Held Monday, October 5, on Zoom

The Video Club’s ninth Short Film Showcase will be held on Monday, October 5, at 1 pm, featuring a carefully-curated group of short YouTube dramas, comedies, animations, and documentaries for viewing and discussion. One of the Video Club’s most popular activities, the Showcase series was changed from quarterly to monthly during the COVID 19 shutdown after the successful June 1 Showcase drew 24 Zoom participants. To receive an invitation, send your name, email, and phone number to

Spearheaded by Club Secretary and Apple instructor Stephanie Brasher, the programs are Zoom-hosted by Club President Steve Carman. Starkey has begun assisting Stephanie in video selection. Dr. Tom Nash leads group discussions following each video. Betsy Martin helps coordinate the series.

Since a key Showcase goal is to inspire participants to create their own videos, one criterion for selecting videos, Stephanie explains, is production values that club members may be able to duplicate using their own equipment and resources.

A tenth Short Film Showcase is planned for Monday, November 2, at 1 pm.

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