Create A Video Card to Send Holiday Wishes

Video Club members and friends are encouraged to take inspiration from Stephanie Brasher, our club Secretary, longtime Apple instructor, and Facilitator of our new Apple Forum (see below). We invite you to follow Stephanie’s lead and share holiday cheer with family and friends via a fun, short, home-made video. Upload your video to your YouTube channel and send everyone the link. Save postage, save trees, and let your loved ones know that you’re thinking of them during this long pandemic. If you don’t already have a YouTube channel, it’s free and quite easy to create one. All you need is a free Google account. Follow these instructions.

Here are Stephanie’s new Christmas and New Year cards — sending you holiday cheer from the Video Club!

Details on how Stephanie created the two cards are below.


Stephanie Brasher describes how she created the two videos above:
“I created the videos using Keynote (Powerpoint is the PC equivalent) and then iMovie. I used Keynote for the animation, then imported that into iMovie where I applied a comic book filter, added the music, and used the green screen feature for the snow. I used several resources for the artwork (the free ones I shared with the class on finding video resources). Most of the fonts I used were from DaFont, and I used Pixabay for the snowflake green screen, covid virus, star and masked Santa. Not only are these resources invaluable to those like me with no artistic talent, but they often offer inspiration.”

NOTE: The Apple Forum meets via Zoom on first Wednesdays of each month. See details below.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, January 6, at 1 pm. If you create video using an iPad, iPhone, or Mac computer, join Stephanie Brasher to share your work and learn more tips and tricks. Special focus in January will be on organizing folders and photos on your iPad or Mac computer. Send name, email, and phone number to, mentioning “Apple Forum,” to attend.




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