Video Club Issues Call for Dramatic Scripts

Have an idea for a short dramatic video of 10 or 15 minutes? The Video Club has issued a call for scripts, and the deadline for submission is August 27, 2021. Release your creative juices and submit your script to the Video Club’s third Short Dramatic Film Script Contest. One script will be chosen to be produced by the Video Club later this year. Submission is open to Village residents and members or past members of registered Village clubs.

A committee headed by Dr. Tom Nash, club Vice President, will make the selection. Criteria include suitability for Village audiences, ease of production, and use of “mainly 55+ actors,” according to Tom.

Click here to view and/or download detailed information on the Short Dramatic Film Script Contest.

In late 2018, “Write It Down,” written by Gila Zalon and produced by Phil Doran, was the club’s first effort at filming an original drama. The comedy, about a memory-challenged senior couple, premiered on January 17, 2019.

The club’s second short dramatic video, “What? You, Too,” written and produced by Lucy V. Parker, was filmed in late 2020, but its premiere, set for March 19, 2020, was canceled by COVID-19. With edgy humor, “What? You, Too” addresses pre-conceived prejudices among friends in a retirement community.

Both shows were directed by John Kelly with casts largely from The Old Pros and crews from the club’s Video One Productions team. Both have been shown on Village Television as half-hour broadcasts. “Write It Down” was accompanied by a thoughtful expert discussion on senior memory loss. “What? You, Too” was accompanied by a video on “The Making of ‘What? You, Too,’” produced by Fred Harshbarger, Facilitator of Video One Productions.

Neither video is yet available on YouTube, since the Video Club is submitting them to film festivals in an effort led by Fred Harshbarger and Sheryl Martin.

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