Recent Lighting & Audio Workshops Were Recorded for YouTube Viewing


To strengthen our club’s Video One Productions team – as well as club members’ individual skills – Dr. Tom Nash offered two special workshops in lighting and sound earlier in 2022. The need for these workshops became evident during November and December of 2021, as Jack Crawbuck, Director of Photography for our third Short Dramatic Film, “The Hole in One,” struggled to manage sound and lighting – as well as multiple cameras – during eight shoots requiring 20 set-ups at 10 Village locations. Crew members with audio skills are especially needed — and Video One Productions Facilitator is currently giving the team extra practice by producing 30-minute video for Village Television which details Video Club services.

Above, top left, Dr. Tom Nash conducts “Cinematic Audio Workshop” held in the Video Studio in April and May. Top right, Ward Cushman (with clapper) and Fred Harshbarger (operating camera), along with Jack Crawbuck, recorded the workshop and a “Cinematography Light Workshop” taught in February and March. In lower photos, Ward and Fred are at work in May on one of the shoots held to produce a 30-minute video about Video Club services. Photos by Lucy Parker.

A six-session “Cinematography Lighting Workshop” was held February 9 – March 22, and a four-session “Cinematic Audio Workshop” was held April 13 – May 4. All of the workshop sessions were captured on videotape by Jack Crawbuck, Ward Cushman, and Fred Harshbarger.

Ward, the Video Club’s new YouTube Administrator, is currently editing both series’ for uploading to our YouTube channel, where future Video Club filmmakers (and many others) may benefit from Tom’s detailed instruction. We’ll let you know when the workshops are available to view – and review!

One-Camera Approach Planned for Next Film

With the June 24 Script Contest deadline nearing, a script will soon be chosen for the fourth film in the Video Club’s Short Dramatic Film series. Plans call for a one-camera approach this time – even though Video One Productions members routinely use multiple cameras on interview and travel shoots. There’s a reason dramatic films are traditionally shot that way: filming with one camera is slower, but it simplifies production design. Let’s hope our recent workshops in lighting and audio will bring us new talent on the production side – to match the great Village acting talent provided by The Old Pros and Theatre Guild.

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