Honeybear and Lulu Tie the Knot on Camera!

When Video Club member Don Hill’s Laguna Woods Village neighbor recently asked him for help filming an unusual wedding at her home, club members Stephanie Brasher and Starkey were happy to lend a hand. The result is “Honeybear and Lulu,” a five-minute video now on YouTube, documenting the nuptials of two adorable pomeranians. The ceremony was held on Sunday, June 12, in the owner’s yard with some 60 guests in attendance. Take a look below. If you want to share it with others, here’s the link – https://youtu.be/PDx3TkgTwcI – or you can find the video by putting “honeybearandlulu” in the YouTube search bar.

Honeybear, a 12-year-old rescue dog, was lonely with no canine companion, so eight months ago, his owner brought eight-year-old Lulu home from the OC Pom Rescue service to keep him company. The two got on so well together, according to Stephanie, who edited the video, that their owner decided to hold a wedding for them “as a fun reason to get neighbors together.” Ice cream and lemonade were served, the owner performed the ceremony, and comedian Joey Sims of the Laguna Woods Village Komedy Klub sang a song.

The video opens to the strains of “Going to the Chapel” and ends with Perry Como crooning “Magic Moments.” “Squeaked by the copyright problems,” wrote Stephanie when sharing the video link in an email, ”but I was sweating it because I used two different copyrighted songs. Guess you don’t know until you try!”

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