Shooting Completed on “Bowling Ball Debacle”

Former Village resident Jeanne Sanner (above) wrote the winning script and plays the lead in the family comedy.


Four days of shooting for “Bowling Ball Debacle,” the Video Club’s fourth Short Dramatic Film, were completed by noon Thursday, October 20, 2022.  Editing is in process.  The script, by Jeanne Sanner, was the Video Club’s annual script contest winner.  Sanner also played the leading role with Wendy Hames, Toni Redman and Mark Schwarz filling out the cast.

The story is a comedy involving fingers getting caught in a bowling ball, but it also makes several serious points. The director was veteran stage actor and director, Gila Zalon. Although it was her first experience of directing film-style movie shooting, according to Producer Tom Nash she performed like a pro.  

Under the leadership of Video One Productions, a strong crew was assembled. Carol Glenn served as Assistant Director and Casting Director.  Director of Photography was John Kelly, assisted by his wife Alexandra Scott Kelly. John Glassco was the principal sound recordist. Suzanne Savlov was the script supervisor, and will also help edit. 

Other crew members included Joan Carman operating the clapper and doing makeup, Alan Clark as grip and gaffer, Noreen Kruger as art director and props, Mark Rabinowitch as still photographer, Jim Rohrs kept the monitors going, and catering was done by Jules Zalon.  Fred Harshbarger loaned lighting and monitor equipment and served as advisor.

Producer Tom Nash commented that the shoot went exceptionally smoothly and expects that everyone will enjoy the film when editing is completed.

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