Supervisors Gear Up to Help Residents in Video Lab

Many of our members and Village residents want to know when the Video Lab is open and who will be assisting them in the many areas where they may require support.  We thought we’d share a list of Supervisors and Alternates so you may get to know them as they serve your needs.

We welcome Pat Bettendorf, our newest Thursday Supervisor and three new Alternate Supervisors, Faro Mojahedi, Bill Ring, and Denish Patel. Longtime Thursday Supervisor Lucy Parker will continue as an Alternate.

Below is a list of all the volunteers who help you capture and preserve your many memories:

Supervisors: Tuesday – Friday, 1-4 pm                     

  • Tuesday  –  Bob Kulpa and Starkey                                  
  • Wednesday –  Jim Rohrs (at the moment by himself)
  • Thursday  –  Pat Bettendorf and Lisa Aoki
  • Friday    –  Marsha Berman and Wolfgang Kutter

Alternate Supervisors:

  • Bill Ring
  • Gary Truax
  • Faro Mojahedi
  • Lucy Parker
  • Denish Patel

Below Is a Summary of a Supervisors Meeting held October 24 in the Video Lab

The summary was distributed on October 25 by Senior Supervisor Wolfgang Kutter.

“Opening our meeting, Steve Carman, Video Club President, thanked all Supervisors for their dedicated services. He pointed out that most of the time new visitors to the Club are first met and welcomed by a Supervisor, who therefore, is performing a very important function. He also asked the question if an expansion of hours during which the Club is open is justified or possible. We pointed out that the number of visitors is fluctuating greatly from day to day and from week to week, which makes it very difficult to plan for increased opening hours.

“The bulk of yesterday’s meeting centered around equipment issues and questions:

“1) The Lab has now transfer equipment (cameras and players) for all video tape formats, except for Beta tapes. Hopefully we will soon find someone who will donate a player for the Beta format. Cameras dedicated for transfers are also installed for Apple Macs.

“2) As mentioned before, PCs in the transfer area are very slow and should be replaced as soon as possible. One consideration has to be if some of the older software will work on any new(er) computer system.

“3) We have an excellent and easy to operate unit to digitize print photos. People should not use the HP scanner for this purpose. The scanner should be used for 35 mm slides and film strips. Make sure that the trays are inserted into the scanner in the correct orientation, i.e. white arrow on the tray pointing to the upper right hand corner.

“4) Stephanie told us about two new Apple Mac computers.

“5) In case you have a suggestion or see a need for some new equipment, please inform Tom Nash so that he can consider adding the items to his list which will be submitted to GRF on an annual basis.

“6) The present Internet connection (modem and router) seem to work well. In case a reset may become necessary at one point, disconnect the power cables in the following sequence: unplug modem first, then the router. After 15 to 20 seconds reconnect the power cables, again, modem first,  and then the router.

“7) Again we pointed out the importance of shutting off computers correctly. Make sure that the computer has fully completed the shut down procedure (light on the computer switch is off) before turning off the power supply.  

“8) Jim Rohrs is our designated supervisor to make changes to equipment. Therefore: Do not change any computer setups or let anyone make these changes. Some cable connections had been changed in the transfer area which led to user confusion. Jim was asked to let all supervisors know whenever changes and/or additions have been made.

“9) We asked Bob Kulpa to purchase 2 copies of the newest version of the Corel V.S. software. This will allow students, who attend Corel V.S. classes, to better follow the presentations.

“10) We welcome Pat Bettendorf as one of our regular Supervisors taking the place of Lucy Parker. Lucy had to step back for family reasons, but may be available as a substitute.”

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