Attention Writers! Short Dramatic Script Contest Ends March 10

The Video Club is looking for a script for a 10-to-15 minute drama (may be comedy, etc.). It should be fully scripted and using actors. The selected script may be produced by the Video Club’s Video One Productions team during the spring of 2023 for broadcast on Village Television, possible submission to film festivals, later streaming on YouTube, and other distribution. Read and download full guidelines for submission below.

Four such films have already been produced by the Video Club: “Write It Down” (2019), “What, You, Too?” (2021), “The Hole in One” (2022), and “Bowling Ball Debacle” (currently in post-production).

Submission is open to residents of Laguna Woods Village and members or past members of Village clubs. The script should be of interest to Laguna Woods residents, since it will be run on Village Television. It should also be relatively easy to produce using locations within the Village as much as possible and using mainly 55+ actors.

The script must be original by the author, although retelling of old stories (e.g. Shakespeare or Bible, etc.) is permitted. The author must be willing to give us written permission (license) for us to produce and rewrite it as we see fit. (The original script would remain the property of the author.)

The contest deadline is March 10, 2023.

The script should be in proper dramatic filmscript form. Free or reasonably-priced software to help with formatting can be found online. Submit the script in PDF format attached to an email to

Questions? Call or email Tom Nash, 714-381-0781,

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