Capacity Crowd Viewed “Bowling Ball Debacle” Premiere

The Video Club’s 4th Short Dramatic Film drew a capacity crowd of some 65 to the Video Lab for its first public showing on March 16, 2023. The gala event featured commentary by Director Gila Zalon (pictured above) and Producer Tom Nash, a short video by Fred Harshbarger about the making of the film, and a slideshow of production stills by Mark Rabinowitch.

Stephanie Brasher managed the evening’s projection tasks. Tasty wine and cheese refreshments were hosted by Joan Carman.

Photos by Mark Rabinowitch and Lucy Parker

Above, Video Club President Steve Carman welcomed Premiere attendees, then turned the program over to “Bowling Ball Debacle” Producer Tom Nash (left). Upper right, Joan Carman (right) hosted wine and cheese refreshments.

Unfortunately, only two of the four cast members — Jeanne Sanner and Mark Schwartz — were able to attend. Former Village resident Jeanne Sanner, who wrote the script and played the lead role, attended via Zoom since she no longer lives in the area. Both Jeanne and Mark shared comments about their experiences with the production. Actor Wendy Hames was in a Theatre Guild production that evening, and actor Toni Redman was teaching a class.

Above, Producer Tom Nash and Director Gila Zalon discussed the planning and shooting of “Bowling Ball Debacle” as the film’s author and star, Jeanne Sanner, joined them via Zoom.

“Bowling Ball Debacle” is a comedy involving fingers getting caught in a bowling ball, but it also makes several serious points. The film will be shown on Village Television (dates and times to be announced) and later on the Video Club’s YouTube channel.

Above right, actor Mark Schwartz joined Tom on the podium as Jeanne Sanner looked on.

Under the leadership of Video One Productions, a strong crew was assembled for the production. Carol Glenn served as Assistant Director and Casting Director.  Director of Photography was John Kelly, assisted by his wife Alexandra Scott Kelly. John Glassco was the principal sound recordist. Suzanne Savlov was the script supervisor, and edited the film with Gila Zalon and Tom Nash.

Other crew members included Joan Carman operating the clapper and doing makeup, Alan Clark as grip and gaffer, Noreen Kruger as art director and props, Mark Rabinowitch as still photographer, Jim Rohrs kept the monitors going, and catering was done by Jules Zalon.  Fred Harshbarger loaned lighting and monitor equipment and served as advisor.

“Bowling Ball Debacle” was selected from original scripts by Village residents and former residents submitted to the Video Club’s annual Short Dramatic Script contest last year. The 2023 Short Dramatic Script Contest closed March 11, and results have not yet been announced. Previous films produced by the Video Club in the series were “Write It Down” (2019), “What? You, Too?” (2021), and “The Hole in One” (2022).

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