External Video Coordinator Joins Board

Website to Carry Video Shoot Schedules

January 3, 2018

The new job of External Video Coordinator, held by resident and professional videographer John Kelly, an active member of our Video One production group, is now a Board of Directors position, reports President Steve Carman. “Having John on the Board will keep us all better informed about the club’s video production work,” says Steve. “We’re pleased that he has volunteered to handle requests for video production services received by the club. Before the recent growth of our Video One production group, we were often unable to fill these requests due to lack of volunteer videographers.”

According to Publicity Director Lucy Parker, on our new Video Club website, currently under construction by new webmaster Connie Shaw, a page will be devoted to video production scheduling to make current information readily available to all concerned. Contact John at jaakelly@gmail.com, 949-280-2236, for more info. By the way, most clubs and individuals make a “thank-you” donation to the Video Club when the club does a video for them.

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