Video One Reports on Village Videos Underway in November

Projects Include Club, Music, and Memorial Videos

According to John Kelly, External Video Coordinator, (shown at end of table, making report) Video One projects have included videos for the Garden Centers, the Bridge Club, the Archery Club, and the Aquadettes; a green-screen shoot of a music video with the Woods Combo, a resident jazz group which includes Video One member Bill Hemberger; and video recording of the November 4 “Celebration of the Life of Denny Welch.”

John points out that most clubs and individuals make a “thank-you” donation to the Video Club when the club does a video for them. A page on our new Video Club website, currently under construction, will be devoted to video production scheduling to make current information readily available to all concerned. Contact John at, 949-280-2236, for info on shoots coming up or to discuss a video proposal.

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