“Academy” Awards Banquet Set for February 24

New Venue, Live Music, New MC, Food by Jolanda!

Our 8th Annual “Academy” Awards Banquet will get underway at 5 pm on Saturday, February 24, with (for the first time) a professional GRF bartender serving drinks, according to chair, Barbel Dagostino, Jolanda is set to serve us an elegant sit-down meal of roasted chicken and steamed salmon with her famous “gala” chocolate cake for dessert. We’ll also be in a new venue, with live music for the first time, and a new MC!

Our venue will be the main lounge of newly-remodeled Clubhouse 2, and our live music will be, provided by popular Village pianist Mark Hochberg. Our new master of ceremonies will be Richard Wisniach, who hosted our “Never Too Late to Date” TV game show produced in 2014-2015 and who recently moved back to the Village.

The main event, of course, will be screening the top 10 entries in our 2017 Short Video Contest, with members in attendance selecting the first, second, and third-place winners. The suspense should get us in the mood for the real Academy Awards, airing the following Sunday. And here’s more good news: ticket prices will remain at $25 for members, $30 for non-members. For info, contact Barbel, irelocateyou@yahoo.com, 858-232-2427. Click here for flier and reservation form.

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