Video One Reports on Projects, Training

Video One to Meet Friday, January 19

Video One, the club’s production team, will hold its next meeting on Friday, January 19, from 1-3 pm in the Video Lab with Co-Facilitator Phil Doran presiding. Most Video One gatherings consist of a business meeting followed by a mini-training session and a video shoot. At the January 5 meeting (photos above and below), an interview with veteran film and TV actor Bret Halsey, a Village resident, was shot for the “Laguna Woods Stories” series, hosted by Tom Nash (airing Wednesdays at 12 noon on Village Television). 20180105_142722-smThe December 15 Video One meeting was preceded by a Holiday Pot-Luck Luncheon in the Video Studio, enjoyed by all. See photos from the event.

For information about joining Video One, contact Co-Facilitators Lucy Parker,, 949-456-4657, or Phil Doran,, 949-421-9788.

Recent Projects

John Kelly,, 949-759-9468, External Video Coordinator, accepts and evaluates outside video requests, setting up production plans for videos that fit our criteria. Basic criteria are that the video be “do-able” with our resources, Village-related (for or about a Village resident or group), and of interest to Video One members (such as offering a learning opportunity or providing a community service). Some recent projects include:

  • 2017 Aquadettes performance (Charlie Redner, producer; nearing final editing by Valerie Link)
  • Garden Center II video
  • Woods Combo music video
  • Celebration of the Life of Denny Welch (Lucy Parker and Betsy Martin, producers; 2 videos completed, one online at
  • Bridge Club (famous speaker)
  • Resident-invented “Wish Bone” game
  • Work of resident artist Penni Rubin (Betsy Martin, producer)
  • “Grandmother Trees of Laguna Woods” (June Davis, producer)

Recent Training

In a December 15 mini-training session, as reported by Sheryl Martin in the minutes, Dr. Tom Nash “gave us some great tips at the meeting on making a 30-second commercial as follows: A.I.D.A….

A is for ATTENTION…need to grab viewer’s attention with something catchy, flashy, etc.

I is for INTEREST…need to capture the interest of viewer demonstrating why they need the event, product or service.

D is for DESIRE…appeal to senses and elicit the person’s desire for the event, product or service.

A is for ACTION…move people to some kind of action. It has to be clear, specific, and memorable.

Mottos, tag lines, jingles are helpful, but name of product needs to be in the motto. A catchy commercial can often be memorable, but people may not remember the product.”

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