Members Volunteer to Help with Website

Two club members have volunteered to help edit the Video Club’s new website, which went live in January, 2018. To get them “up to speed,” Webmaster Connie Shaw will provide coaching on use of the WordPress content management system (date and time TBA).

John-videographer-croppedMisako Katayama (above, left), who has been assisting Publicity Director Lucy Parker to produce the club’s monthly Videogram e-newsletter for several years, says she’s looking forward to learning the WordPress in order to work on the new site. Jim Rohrs (above), Thursday Video Lab Supervisor and an active member of Video One, will be helping External Video Coordinator John Kelly (left) manage the “Upcoming Shoots” page under the “Video One” heading. Jim, who has some previous WordPress experience, has also taken on creation of Power Point-based written and online instructions for Video Lab and Studio equipment.

Connie Shaw

Welcome aboard! Webmaster Connie Shaw (right0 plans to hold training sessions for the new recruits in early February. If you are a Video Club member interested in helping out and learning WordPress, contact her for information about the training at, 949-573-1066.

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