The Woods Combo Dance Promotion Video Shoot

We will film the band live during an actual dance with multiple cameras (see link below for sample)

  up to 4 camera people (who will, for the most part, be creating their own shots from general guidance)
  1 person to operate (by remote control) camera(s) “hidden” behind the band
  1 person to help set up and mic each of the band instruments – then monitor sound and help where needed elsewhere.
 1 person to shoot production stills (function could be combined with the above audio person)
PRODUCER (name, email, phone)
 Fred Harshbarger
 714-979-4786  (land line, best except for night of shoot)
 714-679-5155 (cell – used only on day of shoot)
The Woods Combo

The shoot will take place in Clubhouse 1 on April 25. As many people as possible should arrive at 4 pm to help unload and set up. Band starts playing at 7 pm. At the end of their first set, 8 pm, we start breaking down so we can be out of there by 9:30.
This link shows a video I took in March of the event to give you an idea of the environment and what we are after. In this shoot we will spend more resources on detailed shots of the band and of the attendees – to show they are enjoying the event in order to entice more people (dancers or people who just like to listen) to attend. I intend to supply most of the equipment. I will edit and present the result to the club. The end product will be uploaded onto YouTube (and possibly Vimeo). Hopefully it can be used in other ways by the Village to promote the band and the dance.
If you are interested, please tell us what you’d like to do on this shoot. Use the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of the page. Fill out your name and email to identify yourself. Be sure to check the “Notify me of new comments by email” box to be informed of ongoing activity related to this shoot. Your first comment, using your preferred email address, will need approval. Thereafter, your comments using the same email address will post automatically.

5 thoughts on “The Woods Combo Dance Promotion Video Shoot

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    1. Several of us who plan to help during the shoot April 25 are planning to meet at the Video One studio April 20, 1 pm, to go over plans, become familiar with equipment, and get assignments.

      The time we will meet at Club House One has changed — we will meet at 5;00 pm Wednesday, April 25, to prepare for the Woods Combo shoot. The band starts setting up at 5;30. The band starts playing promptly at 7:00. They take a break at about 8:00. Most of us will start tearing down then so we can be done by 9:30 pm. The band plays in the large meeting room at Club House 1. Starkey and I are planning to arrive before 5:00 so the equipment can me moved out of the car and near or in the room by the time you arrive.

      Since we will be involved with the shoot right through the normal dinner hour please make arrangements to bring something to eat, if you’ll want it. There is no food conveniently available where we will be filming. They do have water, but you must bring your own cup!

      From time to time I expect us to get in each others shot. Please wear dark clothing so you don’t attract attention when and if you appear in a camera’s view.

      I am arranging for all the equipment. There should be plenty of time to get familiar with it before the music starts.

      I think this will be a fun and challenging shoot — I look forward to sharing the experience with you and the others.


  1. I told Fred that I will participate. I plan to take shots of band, audience, etc.
    Betsy Martin
    7075401955 (text is best)

  2. Let’s talk. I could do the audio set up if you like. Probably should coordinate that with Bill. 714 381-0781

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