Steve Carman to Discuss Video’s Role in Space Projects

The Video Club is in for a treat at the Thursday, April 19, General Meeting when President Steve Carman, retired aerospace engineer and project manager, explains “The Critical Role of Video in NASA Space Projects.” Open free to residents and their guests, 6:30 pm in the Video Lab. Click here for flier.

Steve at 2018 BanquetSteve has worked in engineering assignments on many projects, from the Apollo Mission to put man on the moon, through Skylab – NASA’s first space station, the Viking Mission to Mars, and the James Webb Space Telescope. Now in his fourth year as Video Club President, he will describe how video was used in the many NASA projects he worked on during his 48-year career before retiring to Laguna Woods Village in 2012. Steve will show video animation to depict the detailed operations of spacecraft and will feature video from two projects that he worked on during his 35 years at TRW/Northrop Grumman Aerospace.

  1. LCROSS (Lunar Crater Observation and Shepherding Spacecraft) Steve was Project Manager and received many awards for the discovery of water ice at the bottom of a lunar crater making it possible for a future space station on the moon.
  2. The James Webb Space Telescope is in final testing before launch in May, 2020, replacing the Hubble Space Telescope, and extending the view of the universe back in time to the time of the Big Bang. Steve will describe the process for producing these videos and the teams of animators and scientists who model the spacecraft and simulate the mission.

Don’t miss this unique presentation as Steve will also share how his experience as an aerospace engineer provides good experience for managing the Video Club. Yes, it takes a rocket scientist. For info, contact Steve Carman,, 424-254-6583.

IN MAY>>>  An update on Village Television and Broadband Services with Paul Ortiz and Chuck Holland at our General Meeting on Thursday, May 17, 2018.

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