Camcorder Loans to Be Made Only on Wednesdays and Thursdays

At their quarterly Round Table March 12, the club’s Lab Supervisors, led by veteran Friday Supervisor Wolfgang Kutter, modified our consumer camcorder loan program by:

  • putting just two Supervisors in charge

  • limiting borrowing and returning to two weekdays (Wednesdays and Thursdays)

  • extending loan times to 7 days (from 3 “open lab” days)

“The goal is better management – to make sure all our equipment is returned on time and in good condition,” explains Wolfgang. Since 2014, the Video Club has been loaning consumer camcorders, fluid-head video tripods, microphones, and related consumer-level equipment to club members as well as to all Village residents without charge, requiring a refundable deposit equal to the value of the equipment.

Starting April 1, Wednesday Supervisor Betsy Martin and Thursday Supervisor Lucy Parker will manage the program, making loans only on Wednesdays and Thursdays or by special arrangement. Wednesday Co-Supervisor Andy Cullinane and Thursday Co-Supervisor Jim Rohrs will handle loans when Betsy and Lucy are not available. Equipment may be kept longer than one week by special arrangement.

Loan Program Began in 2014

Betsy and Lucy helped design the loan program with Past-President Charles Higginson in 2014 during Lucy’s year as President. This was not the first time the Video Club loaned out equipment, Lucy recalls, but the new program was broader in scope, required deposits, and — significantly — included all Village residents, not just club members.

“We started the program to help individuals and clubs video-record their events,” Lucy explains. “The Video Club very often receives requests for such services, but at that time we had virtually no volunteers to provide video-recording, so we began encouraging residents to do it themselves. The Canon Vixia camcorders we lend produce high-quality files but are very easy to use on automatic settings.” The club currently has five Canon Vixia camcorders and one Sony Actioncam (a rugged waterproof, wide-angle camera similar to a GoPro) available to lend out, having bought two more Canon camcorders and tripods this year with funds from the Golden Rain Foundation.

87% of Loans Have Been to Club Members

“Even though we began the camcorder loan program to help Village residents, our own members have benefited from it the most,” Lucy observes. She recently completed a survey showing that, of 90 total equipment loans made between June, 2014, and March, 2018, 78 loans (87%) were made to club members. Seventy-one loans (79%) were of camcorders and accessories. Other equipment loaned out included tripods, microphones, and a club-owned projector. “Often it was the same members who borrowed the same equipment several times,” Lucy reports.

Camcirder Loan Summary 2014-2018Today, Lucy points out that the club’s new Video One group, working in teams on advanced video projects, is better able to help the community. Requests for video shoots are managed by John Kelly, External Video Coordinator, a retired professional videographer. John accepts and evaluates outside requests, setting up production plans for videos that fit Video One’s criteria. The video must be “do-able” with the group’s resources, Village-related (for or about a Village resident or group), and of interest to Video One members (such as offering a learning opportunity or providing a community service). To request a shoot or to volunteer to help with one, contact John at, 949-759-9468.

For further information about the camcorder loan program, please contact Betsy Martin,, 707-540-1955, or Lucy Parker,, 949-456-4657,

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