Jim Rohrs Named Equipment Manager

Club President Steve Carman made it official last week when he named Jim Rohrs the Video Club’s Equipment Manager and asked Jim to sit on the Board as an adviser. Jim, who serves as Thursday Video Lab Supervisor with Lucy Parker and is an active member of Video One, has been helping the club use and keep track of equipment for some time. He has labeled, inventoried, and sometimes repaired many items and also prepares Power-Point-based printed instructions for many pieces of club equipment.

Jim comes by his tech skills naturally, having filled many technical jobs during his working years – most of them dealing with aviation or aerospace. After high school, he traded a motorcycle for flying lessons and got his pilot’s license. He later served in the Air Force and worked for Northwest Airlines as a mechanic. He also worked for McDonell Douglas and later for Boeing – the last 10 years as a program manager. Jim moved to Laguna Woods Village in 2016 and, in addition to the Video Club, is active in the Yacht Club and the Softball Club.

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