Wondershare Added to Lab Computers– and What Else Is on Our PCs?

If you’ve used our Video Lab computers over the years, you may have searched in vain for a good video conversion program. You may also have wondered what software was on each PC to help you edit videos and photos. Well, Chuck Hale has solved the first problem – and Friday Supervisor Marsha Berman is solving the second.

Wondershare-Video-Converter-Ultimate-editedChuck, our YouTube Channel Coordinator, donated three copies of Wondershare, a leading video conversion software program, to the club, installing them last month on PC Stations 5, 13, and 14 in the Video Lab. With a clear, easy-to-use interface for both PC and Mac computers,Wondershare allows users convert, download, edit, and burn videos in a large number of video formats. According to TopTen Reviews: “Its fast conversion time, high-quality output and extra features make it the perfect choice for video converter software.” Click here to view a video tutorial about Wondershare. It’s not Chuck’s tutorial (see below) – but we’re trying to get a copy of that one posted and will link it to this website when available.

Chuck, who taught club members video editing in Pinnacle for many years and continues to teach YouTube use and PC file management, was so pleased with Wondershare when he recently bought himself a copy that he created his own video tutorial on the product. (Chuck has created many tutorials over the years as a Video Club instructor.) When he shared his video with Wondershare, the company rewarded him with several free PC copies of the program – three of which he donated to the club. Thank you, Chuck!

Not to be left out, Club Secretary Stephanie Brasher, our Macintosh resource person and “Apple Clips” class instructor, put Wondershare on a Mac in the Video Lab on April 26 – paid for by the club. Check out this handy utility!

Meanwhile, Friday Supervisor Marsha Berman (shown above with spreadsheet, photo by Lucy Parker) has been cataloging which video-related software is on each of the Lab PC computers. She’s compiling the information in a spreadsheet which will be linked to this website when available. Thanks to Marsha creating this helpful resource!

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