Video One Productions Undertakes Short Dramatic Video, New Interview Show

Video One Productions is undertaking two major projects this fall – producing a 10-minute dramatic video (the club’s first such effort) and a new half-hour interview show, “Welcome to My House,” with Suzanne Savlov as producer. The show is expected to air on Village Television. (Suzanne appears above addressing a March 16, 2018 VidOne meeting.)

10-Minute Dramatic Video

“Producing Dramatic Video” is the subject of a new class in making a video from start to finish taught by Dr. Tom Nash, Club Vice President and Director of Learning Opportunities – a class he taught many times during his years as head of the film and video program at Biola University. Open without charge to members of Video One, the class currently meets twice a month, but a more intensive schedule is anticipated when shooting starts in November. The finished video is slated to premiere at a Video Club Open House January 17, celebrating the club’s 30th anniversary, with additional showings on Village Television and elsewhere.

Gila ZalonAt their first meeting September 14, class members read the eight original scripts which had been submitted by residents in response to a call for scripts sent out to Village writing and theater clubs and published in the Globe. Selected was a comedy about remembering, “Write It Down,” by Gila Zalon (right), a dancer, actress, film producer, screenwriter, and literary agent, who moved to the Village from New Jersey three years ago with her husband Jules, a copyright and entertainment attorney. Gila heads a Village scriptwriting group.

At their second meeting September 28, class members accepted production assignments. Heading the team are Video One Productions’ Co-Facilitators Phil Doran (as producer) and Dr. Jeanne Mayer (as director). The two will also handle casting and are currently reaching out to Village actors to select four senior cast members, two men and two women. Other production tasks filled so far include Lucy Parker as director of photography and Starkey handling sound recording. Paul Kachaturian will be a camera operator. Suzanne Savlov, who uses Final Cut Pro and has edited many videos for Video One Productions, will edit the dramatic video and will also serve as script clerk. Lucy will handle credits and titles, with Jeanne doing makeup.

Welcome to My Home”

Suzanne Savlov in Smartphone Video Class 1-18-silhouetteVideo One Productions’ second major undertaking this fall, “Welcome to My Home,” is the brain child of Suzanne Savlov (left, shooting cell phone video), who serves as its producer. The interview show honors Village residents who have come to the United States from other countries. The series will be filmed on location in the subjects’ homes, sharing its subjects’ cultural backgrounds and paying special homage to food traditions.

Suzanne was trained in hospital dietetics, but produced a public access television show called “Health Talk” for about four years while living in Washington State. She has also learned to edit video in Final Cut Pro and edits many Video One productions. Suzanne and her husband, Steven, a clinical psychologist, moved to the Village about eight years ago from Arizona.


The first episode of “Welcome to My House,” shot on September 20, features Australian-born resident John Kelly (above), who is the Video Club’s External Video Coordinator. John was interviewed by resident Tracey Stewart (shown at left, preparing for shoot with, from left, Video One Co-Facilitator Jeanne Mayer and Suzanne Savlov — photo by Alexandra Scott-Kelly). Upcoming shoots are planned for October 25 when a resident from India will be interviewed by John Kelsell, also a resident, and December 18 in the home of Video Club member Barbel Dagostino, who came to the US from Germany.


Above, sprucing up the Video Studio after September 7 Video One Productions meeting, new Co-Facilitator Jeanne Mayer enlisted member Charlie Redner’s help to post photos of recent VidOne activities on newly-decorated bulletin boards.

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