Video One Productions Members Plan to Take Classes

 Click here to download a list of suggested
video-related classes with instructions for signing up.

At their September 21 meeting in the Video Studio, 10 Video One Productions members expressed interest in taking online classes on video-related topics available free with an Orange County library card. When possible, they plan to work together to view and discuss the material. Topics include introductory video-making, voice-over and animation, script and comedy writing, video-making for non-profit groups, video streaming, sound design and audio for video, and how to use Audacity (a free audio editing program).

Interested in taking online video classes are June Davis, Phil Doran, Fred Harshbarger, Paul Kachaturian, John Kelly, Betsy Martin, Jeanne Mayer, Lucy Parker, Sparkey, and Ellen Van Houten.

Click here to download the Video Club’s revised Fall-Winter 2018-2019 Class Schedule

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