Learn to Make Amazing Movies on Your Smartphone Starting January 4

By popular demand, professional videographer and Village resident Scott Marvel will repeat his 4-session smartphone video class starting Friday, January 4. Titled “Making Amazing Movies with Your Smartphone,” the class will meet January 4, 11, 18, and 25, from 9:30 am to noon in the Video Lab. Scott produces the monthly “Thrive” show on Village Television – all shot on his iPhone.


BTW, Scott has produced over 30 half-hour “Thrive Shows” for Village Television – providing a dynamite demonstration of how to make “smartphone movies.” This ongoing series is created as part of a Village-wide Thrive Task Force effort to show how residents thrive in our community. You can view the full lineup of inspiring “Thrive Shows” on YouTube.


Regarding his upcoming class, Scott says: “I want to help everyone in the Village who has a smartphone to learn how to tell the story in the camera. That’s the goal of this class. I’m going to give you the mindset to help you get good at making short videos that are not boring. You’ll produce your own video in class. You’ll learn to work quickly, making every shot count.

“You’ll also learn how to edit on your smartphone: Bring your clips into the editing program, review them, and make a rough-cut of your movie. Then re-arrange your clips for maximum impact and eliminate unwanted footage. Finally, add titles, music, and narration. Quickly create and share a short, interesting video.”

Cost is $20 for members, $35 for nonmembers (includes 2019 club membership). No pre-registration required. Click here for flier.

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