Make Holiday Video “Cards” on December 10 with Stephanie Brasher

“Holiday Video Card-Making Workshop,” a new, free, 1-session class for Apple iPhone and iPad users, will be held on Monday, December 10, from 1 to 3 pm in the Video Lab. Instructor Stephanie Brasher will present ideas for creating and distributing video greeting cards using the easy, fun Apple Clips app. Pre-registration is not required.

With your iPhone or iPad, you can stitch together photos and videos, add music and animated titles in Clips, and even give your videos and photos a “comic book” effect, explains Stephanie, who is a Mac Club Supervisor and the Video Club’s resident Macintosh “guru.”

Stephanie is also our club Secretary, having signed on for another year on the Board in 2019. Thanks, Stephanie – and thanks for scheduling this free “Christmas gift” class!!

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