Don Hill Delights Crowd with Camera Bag Talk September 19, 2019


Click here to view separately Don’s original 36-minute video, “What’s in My Camera Bag?” — which he created for his Video Club presentation. The video combines humor with technology. Says Don: “I really learned a lot making this video” — and we learn (whether we wanted to know it or not) that Don sleeps in the nude.

An enthusiastic crowd peppered Village resident and club member Don Hill with questions about his new, lightweight, high-tech video equipment at the end of his September 19 General Meeting presentation, “What’s in My Camera Bag? New Toys for Old Folks.” Don is shown at top of page with his easy-to-carry, high-tech camera bag. At the bottom of the page is his equipment list.

Below is a video of the evening’s program (shot by Jack Crawbuck, edited by Lucy Parker). The evening’s announcements may be seen at the end of the video.

Don has been a resident of Laguna Woods Village for over 20 years and is an active member in the tech clubs. A long-time instructor and Board Member of the Camera Club, he has gone from developing film in darkrooms to embracing the digital age. Learning by making mistakes and trying again, Don has tested and collected cameras, microphones, and different accessories for his videography. At the meeting, he shared his test results and experience through video and live demonstrations.

To learn more about Don, click here for a profile article about him in the Camera Club newsletter. Below is an equipment summary Don handed out to attendees.

My High Tech Camera Bag-sm

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