The Video Club Thanks You for Your Donations

Our fund-raising campaign closed on July 31, 2019

WITH $1,600.00 RAISED

to help furnish our new Control Room/Classroom

  • Our members are constantly finding new uses for this space,” says Vice President Tom Nash.
  • The Control Room/Classroom is an enormous asset to the club!” agrees President Steve Carman.


  • The successful Video Club’s 30th Anniversary Fund-Raising Campaign was launched on February 16, 2019, at our 9th Annual “Academy” Awards Banquet.
  • We were the first club to raise funds with the assistance of the new Village Community Fund, making all donations to our campaign fully tax-deductible.
  • Learn all about it below.

Tom Nash demos Control Room 1-31-19-sm

Our new Control Room/Classroom was formally opened on January 17, 2019, during our-30th Anniversary Open House. The room was remodeled from a portion of the Card Room adjoining the Video Studio with about $20,000 in maintenance funds authorized by GRF. A new light-lock entry to the Video Studio was also created in the remodeling.

To equip the room, club President Steve Carman and Vice President Tom Nash (our Video Studio Manager) used $4,000 of GRF’s Video Club allocation for 2019 to purchase the monitors, speakers, and cables required.

With acoustic panels on the walls for better sound, large monitors to follow action on Studio sets, and two-way audio to relay commands, the Control Room/Classroom quickly became a vital part of the Video Club’s thriving production program. Accommodating 20 or more people, it also serves as a meeting place for Video One Productions as well as for class instruction. In addition, it is being used monthly by the Old Pros to record a new podcast series which the Village theater group is developing.

The vestibule created by the new light-lock entry to the Video Studio has been furnished with literature racks and a cabinet purchased by the club.

During the spring and summer of 2019, more major improvements were made to the Video Studio, financed from the club treasury — with many hours of member-donated labor. Both sets were upgraded. Our green screen capabilities were especially enhanced with a larger set and new lighting. Two member work-days were devoted to cleaning and organizing the Studio. See this website post from July, 2019, and this website post from September, 2019 (please scroll down to “VIDEO STUDIO RENOVATIONS AND FURNISHINGS”).

So what was still missing?

Furnishings – including three desks and four office chairs for the Control Room/Classroom and stacking chairs for meetings, classes, and studio audiences. To meet this need, the club launched its 30th Anniversary Fund-Raising Campaign.

The need for stacking chairs was unexpectedly met by the promise of 75 chairs being replaced in Clubhouse 6, thus freeing up about half the funds. This amount is being used to purchase a Canon Vixia HF G21 Full HD camcorder for remote shoots. Having separate remote cameras (our eventual goal is to have three) will avoid disconnecting and moving regular Studio camcorders for remote shoots — sometimes resulting in re-connection problems — and will permit simultaneous Studio and remote shooting when necessary.

Here’s what your donations will provide:

Below, a meeting of Video One Productions in the Control Room/Classroom.

VidOne Mtg in Control Room 1-31-19-sm-edited

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