Video Studio and Video One Productions: A Fall Update

September, 2019

Video One Productions has changed its meeting times to monthly on the second Friday of the month from 1-3 pm in the Video Studio Control Room/Classroom. As of September 6, Dr. Jeanne Mayer, stepped down as the group’s Facilitator to devote more time to teaching. Thanks, Jeanne, for your service over this past year. Until a new Facilitator is named, the following members will run the upcoming meetings: John Kelly (October 11), Steve Savlov (November 8), Charlie Redner (December 13), and Jill Amadio (January 10).

The next Video One Productions meeting will be…
Friday, October 11, 1-3 pm, Video Studio Control Room/Classroom

If you have questions, would like to join or learn more about Video One Productions, please contact Dr. Tom Nash, Vice President and Studio Manager,, 714 381-0781.

If you have an item for the next meeting agenda, please send it to Lucy Parker, Video Club Publicity Director,, 949-456-4657.



As discussed in a recent website post, the Video Studio’s 2019 upgrade has coincided with the Video Club’s 30th Anniversary. Improvements began in January with the opening of our new Control Room/Classroom and the addition of a new light-lock entry. Thank you, GRF and VMS!

Both Studio Sets Upgraded

During June, Studio Manager and Vice President Tom Nash, joined by Equipment Manager Jim Rohrs and Assistant Studio Manager Jack Crawbuck, worked with paid handyman/carpenter George Strand to renovate both Studio sets. A $1400 budget of club funds set aside by the Board paid for labor and supplies – with massive amounts of volunteer labor from Tom, Jim, and Jack. Many thanks to all three!!

As a result, our general-purpose set and our green-screen set have both been upgraded. Both sets were given seamless walls (Look, Ma! No corners!) and the green screen set was enlarged, with new lights installed for improved chroma-key effects. A mountain of dust was raised by the extensive sanding, necessitating two summer work parties, July 22 and August 6, when VidOners turned out  to clean and organize the Studio.

Studio Panorama 8-29-19

Fund-Raising Campaign Brings in $1600

A fund-raising  campaign, which kicked off at our 9th Annual “Academy” Awards Banquet on February 16, earmarked donations  for Video Studio furnishings. When the campaign ended on July 31, we had raised $1600.

An historical note: We were the first-ever Village club to work with the the Village Community Fund, a new fund-raising organization headed by former GRF President John Parker.

Requisitions are currently in the works with VMS Purchasing to buy three new desks and four new office chairs for the Studio’s Control Room/Classroom. However, there’s been one big change.

Instead of Stacking Chairs, A New Camcorder

Originally, the campaign was intended to provide new stacking chairs for Studio meetings, classes, and shoot audiences. However, thanks to an alert from VidOne Facilitator Jeanne Mayer, the Video Club has been promised 75 turquoise-upholstered stacking chairs from Clubhouse 6. While some will have defects, we expect to net enough good chairs to furnish both the Studio and the Lab (General Meetings included).


So — instead of buying chairs,  Studio Manager Tom Nash decided to use the donated funds for a Canon Vixia HF G21 Full HD Camcorder (about $760) for remote shoots, thus avoiding the need to disconnect and move our regular camcorders. Not only is the Studio out of commission when our regular camcorders go outside, but connections and camera settings are often put back incorrectly. The eventual  goal, according to Tom, is to have three traveling camcorders for remotes.


The Old Pros are launching a podcast featuring dramatic readings (some drawn from the Publishing Club’s annual anthology of Laguna Woods Village writing). And they’re using our renovated Video Studio to do it — with the audio capabilities of our new Control Room/Classroom and a new sound booth, tucked into the back of the green screen set.

Above, The Old Pros at work on their podcast. Shiela Bialka gives direction in the Control Room while  Jill Amado reads a script in the audio booth. Shiela and Jill are also Video Club members. (Photos by Jim Rohrs)


In addition to their work on the Studio renovation, Equipment Manager Jim Rohrs and Assistant Studio Manager Jack Crawbuck have been busy this summer assisting Village organizations, including the Tai Chi Club and the Aquadettes. Club member Andre Torng also provided the Aquadettes with still photos.

Tai Chi group

Clubhouse 2’s new outside portico provided a pleasant setting for Jim and Jack’s Tai Chi shoot, which turned out to be a much bigger project than the two had anticipated. (Isn’t that always the way?)

To open the gallery below, click on any photo. To close it, click “X” in upper right corner.


Above, Jack Crawbuck takes aim at the Aquadettes in their 55th anniversary season (photo by Jim Rohrs). These inspiring swimmers, ranging in age from 56 to 86, are led by club member Valerie Link, the Aquadettes’ President, Head Coach, Choreographer, and Show Director. Organizing the video coverage was club member Charlie Redner, AKA “head Aquadude.” Additional photos (by Lucy Parker) are from the August 31 performance. Above right, another Video Club member (can somebody send us his name?) takes still photos of the American Legion-assisted finale — where club member Pat Burr (recently returned from more world travels) holds a rifle behind the American flag.

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