Jack Crawbuck Named Assistant Studio Manager

“We live in a great age to be doing this work
because new technology has put serious tools
into the hands of everybody.”

Expertise in the Video Studio just took a big step up!

President Steve Carman has named videographer Jack Crawbuck to the new position of Assistant Studio Manager. Jack will be in charge of scheduling and will assist Studio Manager Tom Nash on all Studio operations. Jim Rohrs continues as Equipment Manager.

Below, Jack helps paint a renovated set in the Video Studio.

To reserve the Video Studio or to make inquiries about its use, please contact Jack Crawbuck at jcrawbuck@gmail.com858-205-0950.


20190620_134114-smOriginally from the East Coast, Jack spent much of his career in Southern California and moved to the Village last November with his mother, Marion. Jack and his family recently celebrated Marion’s 90th birthday with a party at the 19 Restaurant. Jack’s son, Garrett, 23, a music manager and also a videographer, and girlfriend, Kaylee, a rap artist, live in Laguna Hills.

Born in Leonia, NY, outside NYC, Jack graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey with a degree in communications, concentrating on TV broadcasting and filmmaking. After college, he worked at National Video Center in New York, doing mostly post-production on many TV shows, including The Dick Cavett Show, USA Network Night Flight, and Commander USA. Although he’s not a Republican, Jack later worked with political operative Roger Ailes, producing commercials for 28 Republican campaigns.

Moved to California in 1987

In 1987, Jack took the money he’d saved working 100-hour weeks for Ailes, and moved to California with his fiancee, Elizabeth (they later divorced). He took a job at American Video Factory in Marina Del Rey, the first production and post-production company on the west side of Los Angeles. There, as head of tape operations, he did many music videos, involving truck-based remote shoots as well as post-production. One of the best-known music videos he worked on was LL Cool J’s “Going Back to Cali,” produced by Rick Rubin. He also worked on many comedy shows, as well as commercials for ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi. When the video production firm changed hands, Jack ended up at Beverly Hills Video, where his assignments included the Acapulco Heat TV show and many Fox promos.

Lighting and Sound for Live Production

In 1998, Jack changed his career direction. He moved to Carlsbad and began focusing on live production, especially lighting and sound. He worked on events for some 25 San Diego-area hotels, later moving to Imperial Beach, south of San Diego.

Jack got back into video production when he met filmmaker Craig Rian in Coronado. He served as camera operator for Rian’s documentary, “There’s Nothing Out Here,” dealing with 20 San Diego indie bands. Post-production took three years, editing the 40 live band performances shot for the film, Jack recalls. When the documentary came out in 2013, Jack joined a tour promoting it up and down the West Coast.

In 2014, Jack moved back East to care for his mother, who had had a stroke. He closed the house the family had had for 80 years in New Jersey and brought Marion back to California in July, 2018.

Jack continues to produce videos as part of the San Diego music scene, especially at Casbah, one of the area’s leading clubs. His latest project is with musician Rich Mansor and his group, Zamman, described by Jack as “a cross between Middle Eastern music and Dick Dale surf beat — complete with belly dancers.” Jack and Mansor have formed Raunchola Productions. He also helps produce (disc jockey Tim) Pyles Sessions for 91X. a popular Mexico-based radio station.

“Great Equipment, Talented People”

Here in the Video Club, Jack says he’s enthusiastic about our “great equipment and talented people,” explaining, “We live in a great age to be doing this work because new technology has put serious tools into the hands of everybody.” Emphasizing that he’s “still learning” himself, Jack is currently focusing on videography and editing, using DaVinci Resolve.

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