Suzanne Savlov Seeks “Welcome to My Home” Participants

“Welcome to My Home,” a show conceived and headed by Video Club member Suzanne Savlov (below) and produced for Village Television by Video One Productions, is looking for foreign-born residents who would like to open their homes to visitors.

Suzanne Savlov in Smartphone Video Class 1-18-silhouette“If you were born and raised abroad, have you ever wanted to share your culture?” asks Suzanne. Since October, 2018, her monthly, half-hour program, has visited the homes of residents from Sweden, India, Australia, Israel, and other nations. Her interviewer-hosts have included her husband, psychologist Steven Savlov, Ph.D.; resident Tracey Stewart; and VidOne Co-Facilitator Jeanne Mayer.

“’Welcome to My Home’ offers a chance to educate Laguna Woods Village’s diverse residents about your home country,” says Suzanne. “When our camera crew comes to your home, the interviewer will ask you what was it like growing up in your country, what brought you to the United States, and what it’s been like living here,” she explains, adding. “At the end, you’ll serve the crew some of your country’s traditional foods.”

To volunteer, or to suggest a resident for the show, contact Suzanne at

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