Video Club on Village Television in August

Village Centenarian Project
Discovering Laguna Woods
Welcome to My Home
Laguna Woods Stories
The Thrive Show
The Write Now Show

VILLAGE CENTENARIAN PROJECT – Saturdays at 1 pm throughout July and August – Produced by Video One Productions

The three Centenarian Videos discussed below are already on YouTube, where family and friends of the centenarians and other non-residents may access them. Go to this Village Television channel playlist.

Thrive centenarian logo onlyMeet the 16 centenarian residents featured in photographs by Village photographer Mark Rabinowitch. These remarkable seniors are interviewed in three half-hour videos by Village Television personalities Cyndee Whitney and Judy Saxon. (Both are residents and hosts of their own shows.) The videos will be broadcast weekly in rotation over Village Television.

Each episode is introduced by GRF President Beth Perak, founder of the Thrive Task Force. The Village Centenarian Project was sponsored by the Thrive Task Force in cooperation with the Camera Club, the Video Club, and the VMS Recreation and Special Events Department. The project was launched Friday, June 28. See related post.

Episode 1 on August 3
Interviews with Cleo Lisle, Ruth Cummins, Blanche Goldman, Antoinette Mullen, and John Dudley. Edited by Lucy Parker.

Episode 2 on August 10
Interviews with Harriet Mudge, Irv Piken, Margaret Pearlman, Jeanette Riggs, and Shirley Shannon. Edited by Tom Nash.

Episode 3 on August 17
Interviews with Beatrice Mirman, Gerda Hight, Beatrice Hurwitz, Eileen Goodwin, Alfred Briggs, and Doris Miller. Edited by Suzanne Savlov.

Episode 1 repeats on August 24

Episode 2 repeats on August 31

DISCOVERING LAGUNA WOODS – Wednesdays at 9:30 am, Sundays at 9:30 am – Host: Video Club Member Cyndee Whitney – Produced by Village Television

playlist of “Discovering Laguna Woods” segments is available on the Village Television YouTube channel.

NOTE: Host Cyndee Whitney tells us that “Discovering Laguna Woods” will be visiting the Video Club in the near future.

Selma BuksteinIn August, “Discovering Laguna Woods” host Cyndee Whitney interviews “The Indomitable Selma Bukstein” (at right with some of her dolls). Join Cyndee as she explores the many facets of this inspiring resident. Now in her 90s, Selma is the subject of an award-winning documentary, “The Last Doll Lady,” by Irvine videographer Taryn Hough. The video describes the humanitarian work Selma and other women carried out for many years, sharing with school children the stories of American heroes, represented by dolls.

BTW, Taryn Hough spoke at the Video Club’s General Meeting on September 20, 2018, where she showed the dolls video. See our website post. Taryn is currently producing a video about the Laguna Woods Village Aquadettes.

WELCOME TO MY HOME – Mondays at 9:30 pm, Thursdays at 10 am – Producer: Video Club Member Susanne Savlov – Produced by Video One Productions

IMG_1221ahdIn August, “Welcome to My Home” visits the residence of John Kelly, who came to the United States from Australia. A Video Club member, John and his wife Alexandra (who came to the US from Germany) operate a professional videography company. John coordinates external video requests for the Video Club.

John and Alexandra are shown above during the a recent Video Club shoot.

BTW, Suzanne is seeking more participants for “Welcome to My Home.” See this recent post.

Beth PerakLAGUNA WOODS STORIES – Wednesdays and Sundays at 12 noon – Host: Video Club Vice President Tom Nash – Produced by Video One Productions

playlist of “Laguna Woods Stories” segments is available on the Village Television YouTube channel.

In July, Tom Nash interviews GRF President Beth Perak (above).

Scott Marvel mugshot 2013 banquet

THE THRIVE SHOW – Thursdays at 9:30 am, Sundays at 10:30 am – Produced by Video Club Past-President/Instructor Scott Marvel

playlist of “Thrive Show” segments is available on the Village Television YouTube channel.

On the August “Thrive Show,” Dorothy Pacella, Sandy O’Connor, and Cyndee Whitney talk about hosting their shows for Village TV.

THE WRITE NOW SHOW – Hosts: Video Club Members Charlie Redner and Judy Saxon – Produced by Village Television

playlist of “Write Now” segments is available on the Village Television YouTube channel.

Charlie and Judy are taking a summer break. The next “Write Now” show will be seen in September.

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