The Video Club Needs Your Help


NOTICE: This successful campaign closed on July 31, 2019. See related post.

  • Click here here to download a Donation Form to help furnish our new Video Studio Control Room/Classroom.
  • Add your donation to the Video Club’s 30th Anniversary $2,000 Fund-Raising Campaign.
  • Learn all about it below.

Help the Video Club Furnish Our New Control Room/Classroom

  • Our members are constantly finding new uses for this space,” says Vice President Tom Nash.
  • It’s an enormous asset to the club!” agrees President Steve Carman.

Tom Nash demos Control Room 1-31-19-sm

The new Control Room/Classroom went into service on January 17, 2019, as part of our-30th Anniversary Open House. The room was remodeled from a portion of the Card Room adjoining the Video Studio with about $20,000 in maintenance funds authorized by GRF. To equip the room, club President Steve Carman and Vice President Tom Nash (our Video Studio Manager) used $4,000 of GRF’s Video Club allocation for 2019 to purchase the monitors, speakers, and cables required.

VidOne Mtg in Control Room 1-31-19-sm-edited

With acoustic panels on the walls for better sound, large monitors to follow action on Studio sets, and two-way audio to relay commands, the Control Room/Classroom has already become a vital part of the Video Club’s thriving production program. Accommodating 20 or more people, it serves as a meeting place for Video One Productions and has already been used for class instruction. Attracted by the room’s audio features, The Old Pros will soon use it monthly to record a new podcast series which the Village theater group is developing.

So what’s missing? Furnishings – including desks and stacking chairs. In addition, a cabinet, bulletin board, and literature rack are needed for the Video Studio’s new light-lock entry. An important part of the remodeling project, the light lock controls entry to the Studio during recording.

An estimated at $2,000 remains be raised by the Video Club – working with the new Village Community Fund.

VCF CH1 Logo-Text-croppedThe Village Community Fund, headed by GRF past-president John Parker, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, created by a group of long-time Laguna Woods residents with a goal of providing support for valued programs and facilities that serve the residents of Laguna Woods Village.

Click here to view the Village Community Fund’s website.

The Village Community Fund seeks donations for major projects, while also encouraging smaller targeted campaigns to be managed by individual clubs.

The Video Club is the first Village club to take advantage of this fund-raising option. Your donation, made out to “Village Community Fund” and designated for the Video Club’s Control Room/Classroom, will be fully tax-deductible.

Click here here to download a Donation Form.

Let’s put this campaign over the top during our 30th Anniversary!

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