President’s Message for 2021

Video Club Members,

I hope this message finds you well and looking ahead with hope and anticipation for the new year. 2021 has arrived with great promise as we are looking ahead to a fresh beginning. The optimism that wells up in me stems in part from the achievements of the club last year in the presence of the quarantine. We learned to maintain social isolation using Zoom for Board Meetings, Short Film Showcases, teaching classes, special interest Forums, and the monthly General Meetings. I have appreciated the outstanding Video Club team that has adapted to the closure of our facilities.

As I wait my turn to get vaccinated from the COVID-19 virus, I keep my masks handy, wash my hands frequently, keep at least 6 ft. distant from family, friends, and others and mostly just stay home (I’m good at that). The arrival of the vaccines does not eliminate the Covid-19 threat, but there should be a steady decline in cases and deaths. My best wishes to you all.

Happy New Year!
Steve Carman
President, Video Club of Laguna Woods

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