March 18 General Meeting to Discuss Stop-Motion Animation

CLICK HERE for flier.

CLICK HERE to view John’s full 10-minute “Lego Houdini” video on the Video Club’s YouTube channel (on which his Goldie-winning video was based).

Video Club member John Glassco, a winner of our 2021 Goldies Short Video Contest for his animated video, “Lego Houdini,” will be our Thursday, March 18 General Meeting speaker, presenting “A Brief Venture into the World of Stop-Motion Animation.” The Zoom program will be open without charge at 7 pm, to be followed by an audience Q&A.

For a link to attend, send your name, email, and phone number to

NOTE: The above photo of John was taken by an LA Times photographer on the set of “Star Trek Deep Space Nine” for an article about him in the LA Times Magazine.

John will share parts of his winning 4-minute  video and comment on how he made it and where the ideas came from.


John Glassco is a retired Pathologist/Molecular Oncologist who practiced in the San Fernando Valley and was a Senior Attending Physician at UCLA. He got into animation in 1970-71 when he and his creative partner decided to experiment with stop-motion animation, later forming Paraglass Productions.

John spent years in the Entertainment Industry as a medical/science consultant for motion pictures and television and was the principle medical consultant for the Star Trek TV shows starting from the 7th season of Next Generation though the last episode of Voyager. He worked on such TV shows and films as the CBS series The Passage (2019) and City of Angels (1998) with Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan. He has produced several documentaries including a four part miniseries on travel to Austria and one on outdoor filming locations for the movie Sound of Music (1965). He is currently working on a documentary about Beethoven.

John joined the Video Club “for the purpose of keeping my hand in this wonderful creative art” and has “truly enjoyed working on the ‘Beyond the Gates’ TV show as a photographer and Segment Producer.”


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