August 18 Summer BBQ: A Good Time Was Had by All!

At our first major in-person event since the start of the pandemic, some 68 club members and friends attended the Video Club’s Second Annual Summer BBQ on August 18 as guests of the club. The free dinner was a gift to our members for their loyalty throughout the COVID-19 crisis, according to Marsha Berman, who again co-ordinated the event. Our venue was the Clubhouse 2 patio adjoining the BBQ grill — a successful new location for future club activities.

The next day, Video One Productions Facilitator Fred Harshbarger had his 3:33-minute video (above) of the BBQ up on YouTube. Take a look! That’s Fred below, mask and all, shooting his BBQ video.

Chefs Jim Rohrs and Chris Carman, son of President Steve and Joan Carman, grilled beef and veggie burgers and franks. Club volunteers Jack Crawbuck, Lucy Parker, Joan Carman, and guest Joan Milliman served baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, cookies, and fruit, with Marsha handing out burgers and franks at the head of the line. Starkey welcomed arriving guests at the registration table. Stephanie Brasher showed the three winning videos in the Video Lab before the dinner to those who had not yet seen them. Tom Nash set up sound for the program.

A highlight of the evening was (at long last!) presentation of Goldie Award statuettes to winners of he Video Club’s Annual Short Video Contest, held via Zoom on February 18. The contest drew 10 entries with top awards going to Stephanie Brasher, first place, for “The Brig Pilgrim”; John Glassco, second place for his animated video, “Lego Houdini”; and Don Hill, third place, for his humorous take on pandemic life, “The Year 2020 in 4 Minutes.” 

With rain threatening the event throughout the evening, guests enjoyed themselves anyway.

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