Discover What Keynote Can Do in New Apple Forum


The Apple Forum, held monthly on third Mondays at 1 pm in the Video Studio, will take a new turn at its May 16th meeting, according to Forum Facilitator Stephanie Brasher, known as the Video Club’s “Apple guru.” Users of Macintosh computers will be invited to “Discover Keynote,” a powerful presentation program that, Stephanie explains, “is extremely useful for video production.” Each month, important Keynote features will be presented and put to use. Masks are required for those not vaccinated.

The new Forum will take advantage of new iMac computers recently donated to the Video Club by the Mac Club (many thanks!!). Having six iMacs available (instead of our previous three) made it possible this spring to rearrange the Video Lab. (Super thanks to Stephanie for the many hours of computer set-up time required!!) One whole side of the room is now devoted to Apple computers, while the Lab’s central rows of new study tables – installed last summer and equipped with convenient power outlets – provide plenty of room for MacBook users to join the Forum, using their own equipment.

Previous Apple Forum sessions focused on iPhones and iPads, as well as Mac computers, highlighting various Apple device features and software programs. The new Forum will be “a hands-on, follow-along class for iMac and MacBook users.” Participants will learn to create animated text and transitions, special visual effects, and green screen overlays. They will learn to make titles pop by adding textures, color gradients, and animations and then how to export title segments made in Keynote as MP4 videos to add to their movies.

“If you can imagine it, there is probably a way to do it in Keynote!” says Stephanie.

The Apple Forum is open without charge to all Village residents, but space is limited. Please email to reserve one of the five iMacs available (Stephanie uses one to teach from) – or bring your own MacBook.

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